Coffee Machines for Commercial

Hospitality, any place where coffee is not the focus such as Bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Clubs and Bakeries for example, we have the solution. CoffeeTrendz stock a full range of LaPiccola commercial E.S.E. pod espresso machines starting with the Sara designed for Bars. Now also found in the rooms of upmarket hotels, through to the 3 group automatic Cecilia. All Cecilias can be supplied with a water tank or plumbing kit. The advantages of using E.S.E. paper pods in these environments are numerous. First of all there is no need for a grinder and minimal staff training. There is no need for a traditional barista as with our pod machines anybody can produce a perfect cafe quality espresso every time without fail. No wastage of grounds, no cleaning with chemicals required at the end of the shift. No stale coffee or decaf in situations where coffee is not served daily. Its so simple!
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