Coffee Machines for Home

Espresso machines should make great coffee, it is the one single thing they are designed to do. Sadly, not all machines measure up to this basic function. Most importantly if you intend to use the espresso machine to make milky coffees such as Flat Whites and Capuccinos, make sure it has at least 1000watt output. This is the power level required to steam the milk in an acceptable time frame. Ignore all the talk about 15 bar as this is hardly a feature as most espresso machines are 15 bar. If the machine is also fun to use, easy to look after and good to look at then you are getting close to the essence of the espresso machines stocked by CoffeeTrendz. Finally machines should be reliable and virtually maintenance free, easy to service and have parts readily available. Machines should also take E.S.E. coffee pods to take the guess work out of having the right grind, the right dose and the correct pressure level when tamp the coffee in the group handle.
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